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  • Honor is 18 months old and has been with the nursery 6 months. I returned back to work with full confidence in the care and attention Edith Rose Ascot provides for Honor. She is in a class of 6 children and has lots of 1 on 1 time. I know this as Honor's grandfather watches regularly and monitors his grandchild's interaction. Therefore, all the family are thrilled with the service and care they are provided. Honor has learnt and developed very quickly and her father and I put this down to the nursery. We have been extremely happy with Edith Rose, so much so that, we recommended to our friends who were unhappy with where their child was and ended up pulling him out of there and placed their child at Edith Rose. They are very happy also.
    Mrs. Ceri Southam

  • A small but caring nursery where my boys are very much seen as individuals to be nurtured and allowed to flourish. The staff are truly caring and have a great relationship with me as a parent as well as the boys.
    Mrs. Katie Chorley

  • The standard of care and parent communication is excellent. All the staff take a lot of time to talk to us about Joshua's developemt - they never appear to be 'too busy'. We know exactly what Joshua has been up to each day which is important for a family with 2 working parents. Joshua is very happy at this nursery and talks a lot about what he has done and who he has played with. We think Edith Rose is an excellent nursery.
    Mr. Matthew Southgate

  • As first time parents we were nervous to be sending our son to nursery, but after meeting the staff & having a guided tour, we knew Edith Rose was the right place for our son to be. Edith Rose provides a safe, nurturing environment which in turn builds positive social relationships, embraces creativity and develops confidence. Above everything, our son has so much fun & is always happy to be there!
    Mrs. Claire Powder

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