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Edith Rose Nursery - Ascot
At Edith Rose Nurseries Ascot children are catered for in three areas. We have an area for the under 2 year olds called the Caterpillar room, an area for the 2-3 year olds called the Cocoon room and an area for the 3 year olds and up called the Butterfly room.

There is a lovely outdoor area for the children to play in. We are lucky enough to have resources provided on a monthly basis by Natural Play Builders. This regular change in the outdoor area enables children to play imaginatively and creatively. We also go out and about within the local community to extend their learning and use the local amenities. Children also benefit greatly from external groups coming into the nursery during the term time to provide activities. At present we have:-
La Jollie Ronde doing French with the 3-5 year olds (www.lajolieronde.co.uk)
Kiddleydivey doing music with all the children (www.kiddleydivey.co.uk)

Food and nutrition at Edith Rose Nursery Ascot

At Edith Rose we provide the children with a snack, lunch and tea daily. We also provide children with a late afternoon snack should it be required.
Edith Rose Nurseries Ascot is catered for by Care Catering which is a firm that caters only for day nurseries. The food is all nutritionally balanced for the correct age group and low in salt and sugar. All their food is homemade. We have an extensive range of menus from which to order and they cater for most food allergies and restrictions. We have not come across any restrictions that Care Catering have not been able to work out with us.
Caters for the under two year old children. We follow the children's individual routines. We do lots of sensory, holistic and art activities. We like to allow the children to explore freely under adult supervision. We set up the area to interest and stimulate the children and aid their development. The children can access toys freely to extend their play. We like to explore outside too. We have triple buggies so that we can go out on walks exploring the local community. We enjoy going to feed the ducks.
Caters for the 2-3 year old children. We set up the area to cover the Early Years Foundation stage framework (EYFS). We make sure that these areas are attractive to the children by ensuring there is something to cover each child's interests and learning needs. We vary activities during the day, which enables the children to experience other aspects of the EYFS and continually develop. We also like to explore outside. We try to get outside whatever the weather and enjoy our trips to the park.
Caters for the 3-5 year old children. We extend what we do in the Cocoon room by providing a little more structure to the day. We help increase their concentration and develop their independence to help prepare them for the transition from nursery to school. We use the local community as an extended classroom and we go out and about to reinforce what they are learning.
An outdoor environment set out to enthuse a child's development. With the help of Natural Play Builders the resources within the garden change monthly. We have fish and giant African snails that the children love to care for. There are various areas of the garden and some are maintained with the help of the children, so that they learn how things grow.
The children love to go out and about in the local area. We often pop to the shop for cooking ingredients, to the park or to feed the ducks. The older children really enjoy the annual trip to Royal Ascot Races to see Her Majesty The Queen.
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